Pharmaceutical company specialized in the production of
CBD and THC API’S and finished medicinal products.

Our mission

We aim to better cannabis and hemp-based care by developing high quality products.

Our profile

  • Since 2003, medicinal cannabis has been legalized in the Netherlands allowing us to develop manufacturing technology and produce cannabis-related goods. Cannadis is one of the first full service pharmaceutical companies 100% specializing in cannabis (CBD & THC) and hemp (CBD) derived medicinal products.

  • The cannadis facility is located in the central area of the Netherlands, only 30 minute drive from the national airport. Operating under EU GMP standards, the facility is one of the most modern and technologically advanced production facilities of medicinal cannabis and hemp-based products in the world.

  • Cannadis is producing goods for public pharmacies, compounding pharmacies, European wholesale and distribution companies, and other brands in the medicinal CBD and THC market.

  • Cannadis also produces and (co)develops medicinal cannabis products for scientific research and clinical trials under EU GMP license.

  • Cannadis operates in a large international network of medicinal and pharmaceutical companies offering for almost all demands the full products and services.

Our products and services

  • Full otc CBD product line produced under gmp
  • Full product line api-eu gmp CBD
  • Full product line api-eu gmp THC (bedrocan based)
  • Full product line api-eu gmp CBD and THC for scientific research

Our team

Our team has a strong background in pharmacy and pharmaceutical industry. Our primary focus is the improvement of patient care for cannabis and hemp by delivering effective products of the highest standard.

Our quality

  • In pharmacy and pharmaceutical industry there is only one standard, the highest.
  • Patients must be able to rely on the product, which can only be guaranteed when the products are produced under pharmaceutical standard eu-gmp.
  • We operate our facility under one standard, also when the product is distributed otc and
    this highest gmp standard is not (yet) required.
  • With this pharmaceutical approach of our process we set a new standard in the industry

Our details

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